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Sweepstakes Casino - Ultimate Guide to the Best Platforms

sweepstakes casino

Are you looking for a legit sweepstakes casino with seamless software, a comprehensive game catalog, and various bonus opportunities? If so, you are in the right place!

In this article, you’ll discover the most well-designed online sweepstakes platforms. 

This list of sweepstakes casinos combines new and experienced websites offering various sweepstakes casino games and promotional opportunities. 

However, a few aspects stay the same for all of them! 

These legit casino sweepstakes guarantee a secure and safe gambling environment you can enjoy from various devices.

Before jumping right into the best sweepstakes casinos, let’s define the concept for players just getting started gambling!

What is a Sweepstakes Casino?

In the 2000s, playing sweepstakes casino games became popular. However, playing real money casino games online is illegal in many US states.

That made a demand for gambling games that wouldn’t need real cash for playing but still could provide a traditional casino environment with the same, or even more, excitement.

And that’s when casino games with best odds come into play!

sweepstakes casino

Modern sweepstakes casino has all the necessary attributes to make you feel like a Vegas land-based casino. And even more!

You can enjoy the most thrilling visuals, themes, and designs with up-to-date technology. Playing is smooth and goes without lags and delays.

Play with Sweeps Coins

Instead of making real cash stakes, you can play with sweeps coins that you can gather from the platform for free or purchase with real money.

At the end of your gaming session, you’ll get various options if you redeem the winning in cash. 

Now that you generally know what kind of service average online casino platforms must have, let’s discuss the best sweepstakes casinos and their unique features. 

Read their reviews, find the suitable one for your taste, and enjoy playing and winning!

List of Sweepstakes Casinos to Play Real Money Games

As online gambling becomes more and more popular, the demand for sweepstakes casinos increases daily. 

In that evolving environment, picking the platform that fully supports your gambling wishes can become challenging. 

That’s why we decided to help you find your perfect match. Below, you’ll find many top casino sweepstakes with different features. 

So, read their short reviews, choose the USA sweepstakes casino you love, and start playing immediately!

Fire Kirin

sweepstakes casino

One of the best sweepstakes casino USA is Fire Kirin. This has been an experienced gambling platform for quite some time now. 

This experience becomes visible from the moment you enter the platform.

The sweepstake casino is a technological masterpiece. It has no flaws, and you can be sure that you will never encounter any technical issues while playing. 

Even if minor misunderstandings or troubles arise, you can always ask for customer support’s help and receive effective solutions.

Fire Kirin lets you play the most immersive fish tables and modern video slots. Besides, you can access them from your mobile and play anytime and anywhere. 

Blue Dragon 

Blue Dragon has got you if you’re looking for a casino sweepstakes with many free slot games bonus free spins

This fascinating online sweepstakes casino has a comprehensive list of video slots with impressive themes, top-notch graphics, and catchy storylines. So, get ready to see jaw-dropping visuals!

Blue Dragon’s primary goal is your security and user satisfaction. That’s why, while playing on the platform, you can rest assured that your personal details and funds are safe. 

So, you can focus on your favorite sweepstakes casino games and get the most thrilling online gaming experience in a stress-free environment.

Flamingo 7 

Another 777 sweepstakes casino you need to know about is Flamingo 7. This website also provides a long list of the latest online slot games with many bonus features included. 

Some of the best sweepstakes casino games there are African King, Coinfall, Rich Life, Cleo’s Heart, Crazy Scientist, etc. 

So, as you can see, themes vary, and you’ll never get bored while trying to find the game that matches your playing style.

sweepstakes casino

However, only the variety of games wouldn’t make gambling on Flamingo 7 as unforgettable as it is now, if not the seamless system. 

The casino’s software is one of the best in the market, and it lets you play from various devices. 

So, register at this casino sweepstakes, download the app on your mobile, and enjoy smooth gaming at your fingertip.

Ultra Panda 

You can assign to Ultra Panda for an incredible sweepstakes casino free play. The platform offers numerous bonus opportunities. 

To get them, you need to meet the easiest eligibility criteria.

What’s even more exciting is that you can spend these bonuses on playing the most exciting slots and fish arcades. 

While doing so, earn even more free credits, as each game on the online sweepstakes casino is stacked with bonus features.

Check this fantastic game catalog yourself, choose your favorites, and play them after you complete the Ultra Panda app download process!

Vegas X 

Vegas X is one of the best sweepstakes casino sites with impressive bonus offers. One of the platform's best features is a cashback bonus. 

This promotion allows you to get back a certain amount of your lost funds. It means you get a second chance to win and more opportunities to enjoy playing.

Besides bonuses, we must mention Vegas-X’s state-of-art technology. The platform’s software is refined to perfection, so you won’t encounter technical issues when playing. 

The website gives you all the unique features for smooth gaming. All you have to do is to use them and enjoy!

River Monster

If you love to play fish tables online, River Monster is the best platform to play at. This experienced casino has been in the gaming industry for several years.

The time spent perfecting their service becomes visible when you visit the website.

sweepstakes casinos

The River Monster’s software ensures smooth gaming by making a user-friendly interface and easy navigation system. 

Besides, switching through sweepstakes casino games won’t be trouble at all. Visit the USA sweepstakes casino and check out the most immersive fish arcades in one place. 

While doing so, be ready for a mind-blowing fish hunt with various boss characters and up-to-date weaponry!


One of the best sweepstakes casino real money platforms that hook players from the moment they enter the platform is Skillmine

Here’s what makes this USA sweepstakes casino so popular!

The first thing you notice about Skilmine is lots of bonus offers. Here, you come across bonus opportunities on every corner. 

So, check out the eligibility requirements to understand how to get them all. Besides that, knowing how and where to use those free credits is essential. 

And thankfully, the casino gives you numerous exceptional game titles to ensure you get the ultimate gaming experience. 

So, check out Skillmine, discover unique slots, and play them with free credits!


We’re sure you have heard numerous Riverslots Sweeps titles. But if not, it’s time to learn more about the casino that offers these incredibly unique video slots.

Riversweeps Fun is another experienced online platform that uses the latest technology. The casino wasted no time in perfecting its system. 

As a result, now you can play various games from your browser and the app without lags and delays and get the smoothest gaming experience ever!

Another essential feature that makes gaming on Riversweeps even more memorable is many bonuses. 

The USA sweepstakes casino offers impressive cashback and bounceback bonuses. All you have to do is to get them, play unique games, and enjoy!

Free Sweepstakes Casinos to Sign Up With

As you know, free playing opportunities are among the best reasons river sweepstakes casinos have become popular. 

These platforms offer numerous bonuses, allowing you to try various games, bet and win more, and have the time of your life.

Here are some of the best platforms that offer the best sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus. So, check them out, choose your favorite, and have fun!

E Game 

One of the best free sweepstakes casinos to check out is E Game. The platform combines numerous unique features that allow you to turn your playtime into absolute satisfaction. 

Some of the casino’s unique features include seamless online casino software, effective customer support, mobile compatibility, and a secure gaming environment. 

Besides, you will love a wide range of gambling games that include the most immersive fish tables online.

Even more exciting is that you can play these games with free credits. The casino offers a daily 25% bonus to its users. So, utilize the opportunity, play for free, and enjoy!


list of sweepstakes casinos

The next exciting platform in the list of sweepstakes casinos is Vegas7Games. The website combines various unique characteristics, so get ready for extreme gaming.

When you enter the Vegas7Games, how much the platform cares about its users becomes visible. The system’s functionality is seamless and smooth. 

So, you won’t have any trouble going through pages, discovering new games, or getting various bonuses to play.

And bonuses are one of the casino’s essential features. Whenever you register, you automatically become eligible for a sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus. 

So, visit Vegas7Games, check their terms and conditions, get your bonus, and start playing exciting games immediately!

Milky Way

The next 777 sweepstakes casino to check out is the Milky Way. The platform offers numerous impressive fish arcade games in its catalog. 

So, get ready for an interactive fish hunt while playing there. Some of the best game titles on the website include Legends of Curcus, Crocodile Slayer, Volcamon Strike, and Golden Ship. 

All these games take you to the bottom of the ocean stacked with various-sized underwater creatures and give you top-notch weaponry to hunt them.

What’s more exciting is that you can play these games with numerous free credits from the platform’s bonuses. 

So, register now, download the Milky Way APK, and enjoy even more promotions as an app user!

Orion Stars 

One of the best sweepstakes casino USA is Orion Stars. The platform brings you the real-time starlike experience of your favorite devices.

So, register and play anywhere and anytime you like. And you’ll enjoy the mobile-friendly gaming environment, as you’ll love playing at Orion Stars. 

There are exceptional mobile slots that bring the exact traditional Vegas casino vibes. However, they combine fantastic bonus features, too.

Check out games like Sizzling 7s, Throne of Zeus, and Crazy Birds, and enjoy smooth gameplay at your fingertips!

Ultra Panda 

If you’re searching for a platform with smooth functionality and an impressive game catalog, here’s Ultra Panda!

This exciting casino offers a list of immersive sweep titles in one place. You come across games like Reborn of Panda, Buffalo Slots, Golden Legend Plus, and many others. 

They all take you to a fascinating underwater world stacked with unbelievable creatures.

The games have HD graphics and cutting-edge visuals. And whenever you play, you get the most interactive fish-hunting experience ever!

New Sweepstakes Casinos 

As the number of sweeps platforms grows daily, more and more platforms see the daylight. Here are some of the best representatives of the new sweepstakes casinos:

Golden Treasure

sweepstakes casino games

Golden Treasure is one of the top new sweepstakes casinos that already made its way to gamblers’ hearts. 

The sweepstake casino combines some of the best features a player can wish for. For example, when you enter the website, you immediately notice a hustle-free environment. 

Moreover, the software works seamlessly on any device you have despite their operating systems. 

On Golden Treasure, you will discover unique games such as Top Gun, African Wildlife, and Dolphin Reef. 

So, check out the platform for fascinating games and enjoy the innovative interface.


The next platform that’s stacked with impressive bonus opportunities is Inferno. So, get ready for sweepstakes casino free play and check out all the platform's games.

Inferno is one of the best new sweepstakes casinos in various ways. And bonuses are one of them!

When you register on the platform, you automatically become eligible for a sign-up bonus, deposit match bonuses, and referral program to invite your friends on the platform. 

You’ll even receive a birthday bonus as a gift for your loyalty. So, register, gather all the bonuses available, and check out various game titles for free!

Panda Master 

The next online sweepstakes casino to know about is Panda Master. As with many other platforms in this article, this casino platform combines numerous incredible games in its catalog.

Some of the most popular game titles worldwide are Crab King, Duck Waterpark, and St. Patrick’s Gold. 

All these games are made with the highest quality visual effects and promise the most memorable, interactive gameplay ever!

Despite its operating system, the casino allows you to play these games from your mobile. So, register now and enjoy ultimate gaming from Panda Master. 

River Sweepstakes Casinos to Play for Real Money

online sweepstakes casino

Paradise Sweepstakes

Do you want to play Lucky Slots real money games? If so, enroll in Paradise Sweepstakes right now!

This platform offers all the most excellent features a player can ever wish for. There, you come across numerous bonuses, allowing you to play freely. 

Besides, with the up-to-date technology, the gameplay is seamless and smooth. 

You’ll love the variety of game genres and the cutting-edge visual and audio effects used. So, check out the platform and allow yourself to have the ultimate fun!

Gold Hunter

Another reliable and secure gaming platform offering numerous bonuses is Gold Hunter. This relatively new platform already made its name by providing a top-notch service to its users.

When you enter Gold Hunter, you will be satisfied with the simplicity of their website. Moreover, numerous fascinating game titles allow you to enjoy gambling at its best.

The casino allows fast registration and withdrawals. So, register, play, and cash out your prize whenever possible! 

Casino Wonderland

Casino Wonderland is the next free sweepstakes casinos, allowing you to play impressive gambling games. 

Sweepstake casino provides the ultimate gaming experience by combining all the gamblers’ favorite features.

While playing here, you will love a comprehensive gaming catalog. Each game you try out is made with eye-catching graphics and visual effects. 

So, be ready to get engrossed on the screen. Besides, you can use numerous fascinating bonuses, from signup bonuses to referral programs. 

Register on Casino Wonderland now, earn as many bonuses as possible, and enjoy great gameplay while winning cash!

Best Sweepstakes Casinos to Consider

USA sweepstakes casino

We have a few more sweepstakes casino titles with lots of exciting features. So, check them out and discover even more winning opportunities!


One of the leading sweepstakes casino USA is GamesIslands. This fascinating gambling provider combines many impressive platforms in its catalog. 

Many of them are the casinos we already mentioned in this article. The GamesIslands allows you to access various platforms, game genres, and game titles from one place. 

Registering there allows you to play different games and enjoy the casino’s flawless functionality and active customer support 24/7.

Vegas Sweeps

Another one from the new sweepstakes casinos is Vegas Sweeps. The website hasn't been in the market for long. But it already took a special place in gamblers’ hearts.

Vegas Sweeps offers various gambling genres. It doesn’t matter if you love skill- or chance-based games. You will find the appropriate title for your taste.

Besides the game catalog, we must mention the platform’s flawless functionality thanks to its up-to-date software. 

The casino is 100% secure, so you can focus on the gameplay and never worry about your personal details or funds. Check out the platform for full info, register, and enjoy!


The next platform to consider while choosing a casino is Ice8. This relatively new sweepstake casino mainly offers modern and classic video slots. 

So, if you’re a chance-based games lover, you owe yourself to try your fortune on this platform. Everything about Ice8 is smooth and technically well-developed. 

It means that whenever you enter the platform or decide to try out various titles, you will never encounter any trouble. 

Even if you do, you can always ask for help from customer support via live chat.

So, check out this unique casino platform and enjoy its mobile-friendly gaming environment! 


Another modern casino platform for playing top-notch sweepstakes games is Juwa. Like many other options in this article, this platform combines various game genres in its catalog. 

So, if you’re just getting started and don’t know which types of games are your favorite, you can try them all here!

Juwa ensures you get the most satisfying gaming experience. For that, they use top-notch software built into their system. 

That way, you can never encounter any issues or troubles while playing when playing on this sweepstake casino.

Game Vault

Game Vault is one of the new sweepstakes casinos that offers the most thrilling fish table games in its comprehensive catalog. 

So, be ready for an unforgettable underwater journey while registering on the platform. The Game Vault allows its users to enjoy smooth gaming anytime and anywhere. 

After registering, you can download the casino app on your mobile device and get a more realistic gaming experience. 

Check out this sweepstake casino, get complete info, and register for ultimate fun!

Online Sweepstakes Casino: How to Pick the Best One?

To pick the best casino, you simply need to visit their websites and find out their special offers. However, this can take lots of time and energy. 

Thankfully, you don’t need to look elsewhere, as you already have a complete sweepstakes casino guide with the best options. 

So, read the platforms’ short reviews to discover the unique offers from each website, choose the one you feel is the best for your gambling journey, and register!

Sweepstakes Casino Real Money: Which Games Are Available? 

new sweepstakes casinos

Old and new sweepstakes casinos combine various game genres in their catalog. 

Their main goal is to make you feel like you are in a traditional land-based casino and bring you that Vegas casino’s authenticity. 

However, they also try to use all up-to-date technological features to turn your gaming into a real celebration. 

As a result, you get various unique offers in any game you choose. You’ll find the most thrilling video slots on any casino platform mentioned above, with many bonus features. 

Besides, you will also encounter immersive fish arcade games online with many unique characters and improved weaponry. 

Other than these games, you can feel the old-school Vegas casino vibes by playing classic table games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, and keno. 

777 Sweepstakes Casino: Mobile Compatibility 

One of the most exciting facts about these casinos is that they allow you to play anytime and anywhere. 

For that unique opportunity, they made their systems function flawlessly on various big and small screen devices.

As a result, almost all the platforms above allow you to download their application after registering on their website. So, you can enjoy the smoothest gaming from your Android or iPhone.

Sweepstakes Casino Free Play 

One of the biggest reasons sweepstakes platforms are so popular is the availability of various bonuses. 

The casinos offer various promotions with different eligibility requirements. And you can gather them by simply meeting the criteria.

Some of the most popular bonuses are deposit-match bonuses. 

When you register, for example, on BitOfGold’s platform, you get a 50% deposit match for your first deposit and a 20% match for your second and third deposits. 

These free credits help you kick-start your gambling journey, try out various titles, get used to the platform’s environment, and even win real cash.

Besides that, you’ll love referral programs that allow you to invite your friends to the platform. 

With this program and the simplest requirements, you can gather numerous free credits and enjoy even more free playing opportunities.

Finally, many platforms offer weekly and daily challenges and quest achievements. By participating in these challenges, you get an opportunity to gather growing bonuses daily. 

So, learn more about the casino promotions here, earn as many as possible, and enjoy free gaming!

Sweepstakes Casino No Deposit Bonus 

A sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus is one of the best types of bonus you get from almost every platform. 

The promotion is also called an online casino welcome bonus and becomes available right after registration.

This sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus doesn’t have any eligibility requirements. All you need to do to get them is to make an account for the casino. 

Once you’re done and your identity is verified, you can start playing various games, gather even more bonuses, and have the best time of your life!


What is the meaning of sweepstakes casino? 

Sweepstakes Casino is a modern online platform allowing you to play various gambling games for free or with virtual coins. While playing sweepstakes games on a legit platform, you can bet with gold and sweep coins instead of real money.

Because of this, you can play sweepstakes in states where gambling for real money is prohibited. 

So, these casinos let you play for free, for virtual coins, and whenever you win, you get a chance to redeem the prize into real cash using various payment options.

What is Sweepstakes Gaming? 

Sweepstakes gaming is a process when you play online sweepstakes games. You can find these games on various online platforms and play with gold and sweeps coins - virtual currencies or for free.

What is the difference between sweepstakes and social casinos? 

Sweepstakes and social casinos are the same. In both cases, the player uses virtual coins for gaming or plays for free. Besides, gamblers in new sweepstakes and social casinos gather numerous free credits for promotions.

While sweepstakes games are available on numerous online platforms where you must register, you can access social casino games via your social media, such as Facebook.

Social casinos allow you to play alone, with friends, or with strangers.

Are sweepstakes casinos legal in the US? 

Yes. Online sweepstakes casinos are legal in all the United States except Washington. That’s because these platforms use visual coins instead of real money wages. 

Is it safe to enter sweepstakes? 

Generally, yes. Sweepstakes casinos are regulated by the authorities to acquire special gambling licenses. So, when the casino owns these permissions, you can be sure that your information and funds will be kept secure.

How do sweepstakes casinos make money? 

To play in Sweepstakes Casino USA, you use virtual coins - gold and sweeps coins. These coins are given to you by the platform, and you can also buy them with real cash or cryptocurrency. 

Similarly, you must have your cryptocurrency wallet linked to your profile whenever you win. So, when you withdraw your funds, they can be easily redeemed into another currency.

Can you live off sweepstakes? 

While sweepstakes bring lots of fun and allow you to win some cash, they can not be considered a primary income source. Even if you play high-volatile games that bring higher payouts, the chances to land great prizes are rare.

Some games with progressive jackpots seem very promising, and if you’re lucky, you can change your life upside-down. 

Are sweepstakes the same as gambling? 

Yes and no. Sweepstakes and gambling games allow you to enjoy impressive games and win real cash prizes. However, you don’t make wages with real cash in sweepstakes casino real money games. 

Instead, you use virtual coins - gold and sweeps coins that you can buy with real cash or even obtain through various bonuses for free. When you play at real money casinos, you can convert your prize into real money with various methods.

Can you win real money on social casinos? 

No. Social casino games are mainly free. You can play some games by paying for virtual coins, but you can not convert your prize into cash.

If you want to win real money prizes, then you must register at a real money casino. Choose any platform from this article, start gambling, and cash out your prize whenever possible!


If you are searching for a sweepstakes casino to win real cash, here is your complete guide.

As you can see, a wide variety of platforms in the market have various characteristics, game genres, winning chances, and bonuses. 

But thankfully, you got the list of the best ones right here under your thumb. 

So, check out these platforms individually, pick your favorite with the best features, and start playing and winning instantly!