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Casino Slots Games: List of the Best Titles to Try in 2023

Casino slots games are among the most exciting sweepstakes genres that offer exceptional wins as well as profitable bonuses. 

In this article, you will find the top 5 casino slot machine games to play in 2023.

Furthermore, we will discuss the best features of this worldwide popular gambling genre and the platforms offering the best casino games online.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the features that make the best slots stand out!

Casino slots games: best features of the genre:

When it comes to up-to-date graphics and technology, casino slots games stand first. 

If you have ever entered any slot game, you will notice vibrant-colored slot machine symbols and backgrounds. Usually, each slot is inspired by some story or myth. So, when spinning the reels, you get to travel in time and space.

However, visual attractiveness is only a start when it comes to slots.

Casino slot machine games include various unique features to make your gambling memorable and fun. Most importantly, with those features, they increase your odds of winning bigger cash prizes. 

Let’s see the best features a slot game can have:

Free spins - This feature is essential when playing slots. You may get it at the start of your gambling or trigger it during the game. In both cases, you get a chance to spin the reels for free several times and bring money to your pocket while playing for free.

Casino slots games

Wild symbol - This is usually one of the game's most memorable and well-made symbols. It can often substitute any other symbol (except scatter) and help you finish the winning combination.

Scatter symbol - Another commonly used icon in casino slots games is a scatter symbol. It allows you to trigger free spins in the game or activate bonus game feature if there is any.

Multipliers - Those icons multiply your winnings several times when appearing. They basically help you take the maximum out of each spin.

Gambling game - Many riverslots sweeps games online offer this feature. It activates after every win and gives you a chance to double your prize instantly.

Progressive jackpot - Finally, we have one of the greatest features in slot games that allows you to win life-changing prizes. However, you must be very fortunate to be one lucky winner among millions.

Return-to-player rate - RTP percentage shows how much of your winnings you take home. The higher the RTP, the better!

Volatility - This feature shows how often you will win and the probable winning range. For example, a high-volatile game gives rare chances of high wins. 

Casino slots games: Top 5

Now that you know what features to look at when choosing casino slots games to play, it’s time to discuss some of the best ones in the gambling market.

Guns ‘N Roses

One of the highest RTP casino slots games you can find is Guns ‘N Roses. But the RTP of 96.98% is definitely not the only appealing feature of the game.

Let’s start with the fact that it’s inspired by the famous musical band with the same name. While playing, you not only see the icons that bring Guns ‘N Roses vibes but also listen to their music!

The game’s layout is a 5x3 grid. There are 20 fixed paylines with a betting range of 0.2 - 200 coins per line. 

When entering this thrilling slot, you get a whole package of the best casino slot machine games features. There are free spins, scatters, wilds, multipliers, and bonus rounds gathered to give you the best gambling experience ever!


If you prefer to play iPhone slots games without any special theme, then Starburst is your next stop. On your 5 spinning reels, you will see various colored gems. Each of them grants a different number of coins.

There are 10 active paylines, and the betting range per line is from 1-10 coins. The RTP of Starburst is 96.1%, and the volatility is low. So, when playing, you are going to receive frequent little wins to keep you entertained.

The game’s special symbol is a wild star icon. It triggers free spins bonus and gives the maximum winnings from each spin.

Besides that, Starburst has a progressive jackpot-winning opportunity. So, you can fill your pockets with one lucky spin!

Wizard of Oz

casino games online

If you’re into pop-culture-themed casino slots games, then you will like the Wizard of Oz. the game is themed after the infamous movie and takes you to the magical world with its icons.

It is a 5-reel game with 30 paylines. The maximum bet you can make is 150 coins. And the highest possible outcome to hope for is a grand jackpot of 50.000 coins. 

The RTP of the Wizard of Oz is 95.99%. Its unique features combine wilds with a bonus round. 

Overall, it’s one of the best casino slot machine games to play!

Book of Ra deluxe

Suppose you’re looking for something extraordinary, you must play Egyptian-themed casino slots games. Their best representative is Book of Ra Deluxe.

It is a Novomatic slot game with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines. The betting range per line is pretty broad - from 0.04 to 100 coins. That allows players with any budget to enjoy the game.

The Book of Ra’s RTP is 95.1% and has a medium volatility. From the special casino games online features, there you will see wilds and scatters.

Overall, when playing, you get a chance to trigger up to 100 free spins and land on a great 100,000-coin jackpot!

Phoenix Queen

Finally, the top fifth casino slots games to play is Phoenix Queen. The game’s theme is oriental Asian, and the main icon is, of course, the phoenix symbol.

This is among the NetGames' new casino games. It combines various unique features with vibrant-colored symbols. 

There is a 5x3 layout with 30 bet ways. On per line, you can bet anywhere from 0.2 to 200 coins. That, again, gives players with different budgets a chance to participate in the game.

Phoenix Queen’s unique features include free spins, free spins multipliers, bonus games, respins, wilds, and multipliers. 

With a bit of luck and maximum bettings, you can land on a massive cash prize - 4752x your total bet!

Where to play the best Casino Games online?

There are many casino games online platforms available in the gambling market. And some of the best ones to access no deposit casino games are BitBetWin, BitPlay, and BitOfGold.


One of the best online casinos to play free slots that pay real money is BitBetWin. The platform offers various slot games with the highest possible payouts and exciting themes.

Moreover, when registering on this real money casino platform, you get lots of promotions and bonuses, allowing you to win real money while playing for free!


Another excellent website for playing casino slot machine games is BitPlay. The casino combines different real money platforms under one roof, so you can choose any of them for gambling when registering.

There are also many promotions available. All you need to do to earn and spend them is to register on BitPlay, start gambling and have the best time of your life!


Finally, it’s time for the platform with one of the highest sign-up bonuses. 

When registering on BitOfGold, you can earn up to $100 worth of free credits.

Most importantly, you can spend those credits on any real money game you like and win real cash!


Casino slots games are the best way to have fun gambling time and win real money prizes. Now you know the best casino slot machine games titles you must check out in 2023. 

Casino slots games

All that’s left now is to choose a casino games online platform from above, register, gather as many free credits as possible and allow yourself to get rich!


What are the best slot games to win real money?

We mentioned the best casino slots games to win real money above in the article. Try Guns ‘N Roses, Starburst, or any other game, win money and receive the ultimate satisfaction!

What is the best slot game to play?

The best mobile slots to play are Phoenix Queen, Wizard of Oz, Book of Ra deluxe, and others mentioned in the article. They combine unique features with amazing winning opportunities.

What casino game is easiest to win?

Casino slots games are considered the easiest-to-win gambling genre. That’s because they do not take much effort or special skills to win.

If you want to enjoy frequent wins, choose the casino slot machine games with low volatility.

How do you pick a winning slot machine?

You must check what unique features they combine. That will give you a general overview of what to expect from the game. 

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